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Gordon Bean

I was born in Schenectady, New York in 1959, started in magic around 1970, and attended my first national convention—I.B.M. in Buffalo—not too long after that. Around this time a Wild Card set sparked an interest in small-packet magic that has continued to the present day. Favorite magicians of my youth were Dai Vernon and Billy McComb.

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Though arriving at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles too late to meet Vernon, I had the good fortune to get an ongoing education with McComb, as well as with Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon, Max Maven, and Norman Gilbreath.

My biggest regret in magic is never having met Stewart James, who has been my favorite magician since reading his massive initial compilation and having the chance to assist Allan Slaight and Max Maven in preparing its equally weighty follow-up volumes. Columns and articles of mine have appeared in Genii and MAGIC, and currently I'm assisting Bill Goodwin in putting out Penumbra, a magazine we started to provide a suitable home for advances in creative magic.

My marketed effects have been performed by magicians around the world—including television performances by Harry Anderson, J.B. Benn, and Max Maven—and I'm looking forward to the release of some new items long in development.

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