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After a decade in development, Gordon Bean is finally ready for the general release of Entourage, his most eagerly awaited effect ever. For the past year, visitors--and some notable performers--at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles have served as test audiences, and all have reacted with the sort of enthusiasm reserved for only the very strongest walk-around items.

The effect couldn't be any more straightforward. With a legitimately free choice, a spectator names any one of the four queens. Then--also with a legitimately free choice--the spectator picks any one of four cards trapped between two face-up jokers. It's the named queen!

Read that again. There is no restriction whatsoever on either the choice of the queen or the face-down card. The effect will work with any queen and any face-down card--and you can repeat it for the same audience with a different choice every time.

Here's what others are saying about Entourage:

This is one of the great packet tricks. Bravo! -- David Regal

@#%*$& awesome! -- Criss Angel

'Entourage' is fabulous. Gordon has seamlessly melded effect, method, and subtle detail to construct a nearly perfect trick. An instant classic. -- John Bannon

Gordon's done it again. This kills. -- Cyril

The effect doesn't stop with the revelation of the selection, however. As a devastating kicker, the three cards not selected are turned over--if desired, by the spectator himself--and they're all jokers! The named queen is the only one present!

After being field-tested at the Magic Castle for months, Entourage is a real rarity: an effect that is entirely practical and ready to go into the front rank of your repertoire. It's easy to do, and once you're done, it resets instantly, in full view of your audience. And since no table is required, the entire routine can be performed surrounded, with the finale occurring right on the spectator's hand.

Perform it at an upcoming strolling gig, and pretty soon you'll have an Entourage of your own!

Purchase Entourage now for  $19.95 & get free shipping!

Entourage is available for only $19.95 and you will receive free shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

Comes complete with cards custom-printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

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