Timecard by Gordon Bean


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A Killer Effect:

The magician locates a selected card—and then reveals that a freely named time is written on its back!


A Bulletproof Method:

1) The card is selected in a very fair manner, with spectators having the chance to change their minds as many times as they like before settling on a choice.

2) The time is selected by simply being named, with no force used—or even possible.

3) The time may be chosen before the card, or the card before the time—it works either way.

4) The writing on the back of the card is large and bold, seemingly with no explanation as to its appearance.

5) Back and fronts of the rest of the deck are visible throughout the routine.

6) Automatic reset.

7) No table needed; perfect for walk-around, yet suitable for stage work.

8) Long-lasting. (No rough and smooth.)

9) Professionally manufactured from standard Bicycle brand playing cards.


Timecard is a great trick, with an easy handling, and a quick reset. What more could you ask for?"           -- Marshall Petersen, M.U.M.


Timecard was one of the highlights of my recent bar stint at The Magic Castle. I like hearing people yelp "NO WAY"  -- David Regal


The time on the back always gets audible reaction. -- Tom Ogden

Purchase Timecard now for  $30.00


Timecard is available for only $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the world.


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