Bikers by Gordon Bean

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Bikers by Gordon Bean

Have you ever looked at the joker in a Bicycle deck? I mean really looked—close enough to see that the royal figure out for a ride isn’t just any royal figure; he’s the King of Spades.

Bikers is based on just such an observation, producing a packet effect with an unusually logical premise: the riders from four jokers dismount and transform into four full-sized kings.

Legitimately using only four cards, the effect is crystal clear and progressively more amazing. The first three changes are instant and visual, with each new King of Spades “popping” into view as the cards are openly spread between the magician’s hands. As a climax, the last change occurs in the spectator’s hand, leaving a fully examinable card.

The method, meanwhile, follows an easy-to-remember-sequence, allowing each card to be shown front and back, and requiring only basic sleight-of-hand.

Finally, like all releases from Gordon Bean, this is designed for the real world. No table is needed, no cards are stuck together, and the reset is automatic. As a bonus, there are multiple handlings for ending with four examinable cards.

Comes complete with all necessary cards custom printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company.


Bikers is stark and clean and super-streamlined, without a solitary false or gratuitous move.  A perfect trick.  Just a delight to perform with an effect to match.                 -   J.K. Hartman


There are lots of packet tricks on the market and Gordon Bean's ‘Bikers’ is the finest that I've reviewed.     -   Wayne N. Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion


This is fun to do.     -   Steve Bryant Little Egypt Gazette


Gordon Bean is riding his Harley to glory with this fantastic packet handling of the classic Wild Card effect.   -   Marshall Petersen, M.U.M.


Late-Breaking News!

Just after the instructions for Bikers went to press, Gordon came up with Seven Kings, an eye-popping transposition between kings and jokers that ends with four examinable kings on the spectator's palm. He also came up with a version boasting an explosive kicker: instead of the expected kings, the cards appearing on the spectator's palm are ACES, and these too are examinable. Fully described in a special insert, Seven Kings is tailored especially for the walk-around performer, combining high impact with total reliability and instant reset.

Purchase Bikers now for  $19.95 & get free shipping!

Bikers is available for only $19.95 and receive free shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

Comes complete with all the necessary cards custom-printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

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